Sam Zee Candy Cane Stuffed DP/DAP Fist Facial Piss Drinking Rosebud

Studio: SamCanRam
I have been extremely naughty this year making dirty porn for the internet. So what better way to end the year with some Dirty Santa porn. As I start off seeing if I can get a whole carton of candy canes in my ass and popping
them out. I get some help from an elf getting them all in me as I make a nice rosebud after pushing them all out. Was time to take a real candy cane next with a whopping 2.30" wide 14" long one as I work it in and out and it melts in my ass making a sticky red/green mess. Taste good! But I wanted to see what it would taste like way up in my ass so I fist myself sucking my fingers afterwards. Wanted to get a more natural stretch with something softer so I ride the big red plug for a bit. It also matched my top so. Then I gag on cock with some whip cream added to it before I get fucked in my pussy and ass. Got a smaller candy cane for some DP/DAP since the one I played with earlier was just a tad to big. Cum a bunch of times showing off my cute rosebud from that. Even went upside down getting cream filled ass fucking pushing it out. Get some piss in my ass while getting fucked DAP and push it out into a bowl and drink it. End with a massive facial as I wipe it off into my mouth and and drink a bunch of piss. Merry Christmas you filthy animals!