Milking Huge, Full Tits Into Tight Little Holefeaturing Princexpunkin

Studio: princexpunkin
my huge, natural tits are SO full, i need them drained so bad! won't you come help me drain them? first, you really need to see. look how swollen they are! they used to not cover up my you can barely see it!
i'm just so big and full now. it's time to get lotioned up. i put some creamy, white lotion in my hand, and begin rubbing. i warm up my breasts and the soreness around them, getting all ready to empty them out. a couple biggggggg squeezesn to get started and dripping, and they're all ready! i pick up the tiniest little bottle with the tightest little hole and start milking my tits. pulling and squeezing, i begin draining one into the bottle, just barely getting it into the itty bitty hole under my huge swollen nipple. in fact, some drips all over my hand, and some misses altogether, dropping to the floor in my haste to be empty. it feels so good to get this sweet milk out, i only wish your mouth were the one sucking me dry. pinching and stroking is nice, but i miss your mouth! my thick, creamy milk begins filling up our tiny little bottle, dripping everywhere in the process. i switch tits, and immediately spray everywhere from the pressure behind my full-to-bursting nipple. my streams go every direction, and i wonder aloud at how much you'd like to lap up my milky mess with your eager, wanting tongue. i stroke and rub harder as my flow comes in heavier and heavier, and i hope you're rubbing along with me. my release feels so good, yours must be coming soon! it feels so good, i even drop my bottle, moaning and sighing. that's enough teasing, i'm thirsty! sipping my milk, i taste its sweetness as the cream spreads over my tongue. turning the bottle upside down, i suck out every last drop! i just love the creamy messes you and i make together (: