Only In Your Wet Dreamsfeaturing Maxine X,  MrNuttz,  Kay Kush

Studio: Mrnuttz
Now, think really hard! What would you want your lady to do when you decide to go play a few rounds of golf? Maybe you have visions of her inviting her hot Asian girlfriend over, drinking a little wine. While walking down
the fairway you have x rated thoughts of them enjoying themselves, sucking on each other tits, licking one anothers wet pussy. So you skip the last 4 holes hoping you can walk in on this dream fantasy. And as soon as I walk into the bedroom I find both sluts squirting their pussies on each other. This girl-girl encounter is about to turn into a threesome real fast as I can't get my hard dick out of my pants fast enough. The mesmerizing 'Kay Kush' & the kinky Asian 'Maxine X' are in my bed fucking each other and squirting all over my sheets. I aim to fuck the 1st pussy available while they continue to lick each others ejaculating cunts. I enter from the rear, getting my strokes into Kay's ebony snatch. Let's switch to Maxine, and in no time at all I am unloading on a sexy ass face. Some people dream about it, while others get lucky and actually get to experience it.