Tinder date went wrongfeaturing Nikky Clarisse,  John Adams

Studio: Erotic21
Nikky and John went on their first Tinder date.
Everything went very well and they ended up in a hotel-room, to properly close the evening having great sex and feel all they had to offer each other. In the end, they were
so tired, that they fall asleep in each others arms.
But, apparences may fool. When Nikky woke up, she decided it was time to go home, but she couldn't resist Johns wallet that was lying on they night-stand. So she decided to take it with her, as a 'memory of the great date'.
John woke up earlier then expected however and caught Nikky. He immediately changed into a big angry brutal man, ripped her clothes and threated her for the whore she apparently was. She was a taught a lesson, she will remember for a long, long time......