Seduce Me with Eva Brown,Anna Khara by VIPissyfeaturing Anna Khara

Studio: VIPissy
VIPissy presents Eva Brown,Anna Khara in "Seduce Me". Anna Khara is relaxing on the couch reading a book when she is joined by her hot girlfriend, Eva Brown. Eva grabs hold of a sheer scarf and walks over to Anna with it
behind her back. She leans over and kisses her before she blindfolds her and lays her down on the couch. Eva starts pussy pissing all over her with some of her golden droplets dripping into Anna's mouth too! The blindfold comes off and Anna's lingerie starts to come down with Eva licking and sucking on her nipples. Eva soon moves down to Anna's pussy and treats her to some oral pleasure before she kneels back and takes plenty of piss in mouth too! These pissing lesbians continue to strip and enjoy pussy licking each other, with Eva getting her turn to be pleasured. Anna takes a mouthful of piss too and then these hotties break out a big blue dildo! they playfully use a funnel to direct Eva's next pee stream straight into Anna's mouth then they switch to give Eva the same treatment. They both get off and as Anna orgasms, she squirts all over Eva's tits to finish off this seriously hot lesbian scene!