Helping Daddy Cumfeaturing Kiki Isobel,  Luna Sparks

Studio: Kikiisobel

Luna & I were watching a movie and she reaaallllly needed to pee but kept holding it. She eventually couldnt hold her pee any longer so went to the toilet where my step
daddy was waiting with a hard cock. She was so scared she wet herself through her panties & shorts.
He put his rock hard cock in her tiny mouth as she cried for help but ran away. When she got back to me and the movie she was scared but i told her that what step daddy was doing was normal and he does that to me ALL THE TIME.
Daddy came in and I showed her how to suck cock properly, I put her mouth onto step daddys cock but she didnt like it. But what step daddy says goes!
I guided step daddys hard penis into her tight little holes and we took turns taking him inside of us.
She cried for her step mommy but step daddy didnt care it only made him harder.
After step daddy put his penis in me he pulled out and squirted his baby juices all over her tiny