Hairy Baby Cuffed, Tickled & Spanked, then Pisses, Fucks and Sucks to Facialfeaturing Princexpunkin,  Theedeliveryboy

Studio: princexpunkin
i was having such a hard day, and was SO VERY sad ): it's hard to be a little baby! i know daddy can make it all better, so i asked for some help making it all better, but daddy didn't do it like i thought! first, he set
me up all stretched across the bed with my hands cuffed behind the headboard. i thought maybe i'd get some daddy dick, but instead he tickled me! that was so mean, i really had to go peepee! and he didn't even stop, even though i told him i was gonna pee in the bed. he just kept tickling, until i pissed all over myself, laughing so hard it almost hurt! even though it wasn't even my fault, peeing in bed is a naughty thing to do, so daddy made me put my little bum in the air and get a spanking. as my cheeks turned pink, i was so embarrassed cause i didn't even do anything, and i noticed daddy getting REALLY hard. i thought maybe i was gonna get his big, thick cock again, and this time i was right! with my bum in the air, he put a condom on and thrust his dick into my eager, tight pussy. oh it felt so good to be so full! daddy is so big, i have to stretch around him, but i'm a really good baby so i wrapped his cock up so tight in my hairy pussy.