Masterpiece of raunchfeaturing Valentina Rossini

Studio: Porn World
Valentina Rossini is clearly a gal who savors her own ass. Yu’ll see the evidence of this when she presents her truly amazing behind in a broiling pictorial and video. First we are treated to her butt beauty as she displays
it with a thong nestled in her crack. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture huge closeups of the shape of that astoundingly round bottom. Then Valentina takes off her thong and pees on a plate on the floor, a very arousing little spectacle indeed as the golden nectar just keeps on spraying out until it looks like a full serving of chicken soup!! Finally this wild creature settles onto a chair to fuck her ass with her fingers, which she then licks, followed with penetration with a silver bullet, which she then licks clean as well. The raunchy Miss Rossini may not be the ideal girl to take home to mother, but definitely give her number to your sleazy bachelor uncle!!