Ami Mercury cumming after pissing tight jeans

Studio: Diaperperv
in this slow sexy tease, Ami Mercury struggles slowly up the stairs, some great facial expressions as she tries to contain her bladder in her VERY tight, painted on jeans. Some nice shots from the backside too. She's glad
you're home because she knows how you love watching her squirm with a full bladder, trying to hang on & do the pee pee dance. Oh dear, she can't hang on & it's coming out. It's a backshot but a lot of it come out & down onto the front. When she turns around... the huge front streaks can't be hidden. The seams of her tight jeans feels so good & she pulls up the waistband and starts grinding her crotch... oh my, she's going to cum in her pissy tight jeans for you! Watch her body shake as she cums in them; sucha nice slow sexy paced tease. Then she peels off her piss jeans & even the pee panties too as we laugh and talk about the scene.