Male #2 Desperation Sushii Xhyvette witnesses you soiling yourself

Studio: Diaperperv
You're so desperate to go #2, you're clenching your cheeks as you get back to the hotel room with your super hot GF, Sushii Xhyvette! Oh no, you're really struggling but it's not just #2, you really need to pee as well and
the full bladder isn't helping your bowels. It's very embarrassing for her to witness you in this state of desperation. Oh no, the plumber is STILL working on the plumbling issue! But he assures you that he'll be done soon. In the meantime you have to struggle to hold it all in, finally admitting to her you need to pee as well as mess. She's very encouraging and worried for you but it doesn't help you from totally losing control on both ends, front and back! OMG she can hear it come out... it's explosive. and she can see the huge bulge in the back of your jeans! So totally humiliating but Sushii is trying to be understanding and console you.