Sam Zee All Metal Toy Play DP/DAP Speclum Opened Ass Cumshot + Piss In Ass Drink

Studio: SamCanRam
Things get extra hard in this one as I play with all Steel Toys/Balls. Starting out with a plug I put all the way in both my holes. Going bigger I put a 2" steel ball in my ass pushing it in me further with my fingers. I
had some trouble pushing it out but managed. I put it back in and play with G-Spot wand in moth pussy and ass clanking it against the steel ball pushing it further in my ass. It really got way up in me so I had to jump up and down to get it to come out. It worked! Bring in the Anal hook next as I tug on it with a rope attached to it. Bring in the Wand for some DP fun. My guy comes in and makes me gag on his cock even using the wand in my mouth. Drink and gargle his piss swallowing it. I get put in spreader bars as he then fucks me with the wand DP/DAP making me orgasm. Pops the steel ball back in and DP/DAP. Once again got stuck but he opened my ass up with is cock so I could push it out. Fucks me DP/DAP with the anal hook/wand/Ball. Even brought in the chair to really get that angle I love! Open my ass up with a speculum and blows his load in my gaping asshole. Pisses in it as it mixes in with the cum overflowing into a bowl for me to push out what's left to drink it all. So good!