Sam Zee 5in1 Ball Play Rosebud DAP Creampie Piss In Ass Drink

Studio: SamCanRam
Another bundle of 5 videos in 1 of me first stuffing my ass to the max with ping pong balls and a large one pushing them out and rosebuding. Followed with me ball gagged riding the 2 dick toy in my ass with my guy even taking
control and really giving it to me. Then I gag on his cock as he fucks me DP/DAP with a inflatable vibrating toy making me orgasm. Bring in the fuck machine next as he again fucks me DAP and blows his load in my ass. I push it all out and lap it up. End with putting a hollow plug in my ass and him pissing in it. The overflow goes in a glass for me to drink. I accidently hit the glass and broke shattering cutting the cameraman's foot. Haha