Sam Zee 4in1 Filled Up With Piss Fucking Speculum Drink Facial

Studio: SamCanRam
I first get my ass filled up to the brim with piss then ride my favorite toy the Dap Addict (L) as piss comes out the sides of my ass as I go up and down. Talking dirty I get filled up several times from my guy and play with
it in different positions. Push out piss several times almost hitting the camera man and lick up what I can off the bench. Then I ride it and drink straight from the source;) Then some fun outback as play with a new toy called the bomber that is wider then a beer can. But first I squirt on it and swallow what went in my bowl. I play with this huge toy in a few different positions then drink some piss from my man. Part 2 I go upside down with a speculum spreading my ass wide open with a hose stuck in it. My guy pisses in the gaping hole as I suck it all up over and over again. I push it all out and piss a little myself. Part 3 is me dirty talking as I take a lot of piss straight from my guy then he blows a huge load all over my face as I keep my eyes open. I wipe my face clean and swallow the cum.