Sam Zee 2in1 Ruff Play DP/DAP Piss Drink From Ass Facial

Studio: SamCanRam
I make my first porno for LP with Ruff play. Using an inflatable toy in my ass until it bursts! Gag of a dildo. My man comes in for his turn making me gag on his cock. He brings in the fuck machine next as it pounds me in
my ass. Wasn't big enough of a toy though so I needed another cock to DAP with it. He pounds my pussy and ass as he chokes me with my collar. Then Dp and Dap me with a toy as I squirt and rosebud. I make to much noise so I put a ball gag on as he continues to wreck my ass. Ends with a huge facial all over my face:)
Then my first wet scene for LP with me drinking piss straight from my man as I ride the Dap Addict toy. I suck up the leftovers off the floor with a straw then suck it up with my mouth. Needed a bigger toy to stretch my ass so I use a big toy called the ogre on myself and ride it. Lick it clean. Put a hose line in my ass as my man fills my ass up with piss and I suck out what I can. Push outs what's left in me into a glass. I then get fucked with a vibrating toy that inflates for DP. Put 4 fingers in my ass for some DP. Then my man does the same with his hand DP/DAP. Play with the Dap Addict DP with it in my ass. Get filled up with piss in my ass again and push into a bowl 3 times then I piss in it as well. My man cums in the bowl I swirl it around and drink it.