Sam Zee 4in1 Piss Filled Ass Creampie Drink UV Toy Riding & Fisting

Studio: SamCanRam
One last fall day to make some messy dirty porn outback as I ride my new toy the KHUN! Riding it in a few positions. I gag on cock and drink some piss then I took advantage of it's curve for some double anal fun with my guy.
He fucks my ass DAP and it was TIGHT! Manages to get some piss in my ass as he fills me up several times pushing it out. He then blows his load while pissing in my ass DAP at the same time. I push it out into a glass he adds a bit more piss to it and I swallow it. Then I warm up outback by the fireplace with 2 of my favorite and biggest toys I own. They GLOW! Feel so good. But had to fist myself to end the night.