Sam Zee Champagne Bottle DP Piss Drinking Facial To Ring In New Year

Studio: SamCanRam
My first exclusive ONLY video for AnalVids as I ring in the new year with items you use for it. Start off popping a champagne bottle pouring some on my breasts then riding the bottle front to back. Go on my side and let some
of that liquid pour into my ass as I jerk the bottle in and out. I take a drink. In the doggy position I really get some up in me as I push it out in a burst. Was missing something so I added my own piss to make it tastier. Then ride it again but in my pussy for a bit. My guy comes in and pours some in my mouth and his piss as he face fucks me swallowing what I can. He then fucks me in a standing position but I needed more of a stretch so I shove 4 fingers in my ass as well. Of course it being New years I had to get fucked with the champagne bottle double penetration as the liquid worked it's way further in my ass with each stroke from the cock in my pussy. Drinking some in-between positions and pushing it out of my ass to. End with a countdown to the new year and a facial cumshot followed by drinking piss from my cone hat and even some on my face. Happy New Year!