Sam Zee 2in1 Messy Valentines & Orbeez DP/DAP Piss In Ass Drink Facial

Studio: SamCanRam
I heard about the craze with these things called Orbeez awhile ago and of course with my perverted mind I got the idea of putting them in my holes to get them to grow. Your suppose to add water to make them grow but you know
me I had my guy add his piss both ass and pussy. Take awhile for them to grow so I had to find some things to do in the meantime. Boy did they grow! As I pop them out suck them and reinsert. They were a bit on the small side for me so I then played with some colored shaped eggs in my holes. Then get freaky putting an octopus in my pussy and ass. The tentacles felt good! Was time for my guy to come back in and fuck me with all these fun objects as I pop them out of my ass while getting fucked. End with me on my back with more orbeez in my holes getting fucked pushing them further in me. He adds some piss in my ass and also my face drinking some. Blows a massive facial on me and more piss. I push out orbeez and piss and even piss on myself. Wiping the yummy juices in my mouth to swallow. Funny thing to add here. I had an orbeez come out of my pussy 2 days after this shoot. Always wanted to have some fun with chocolates so what better time then for Valentines Day! I first start off putting a huge round chocolate in my ass and find that it quickly melted in my ass. I pop it out a few times really making a mess. Next I play with a small rod of chocolate in my pussy and ass but needed more of a stretch so I use a larger one in my holes. Wanted to taste my candy ass so I reach up inside it with my fist for taste. Put several small chocolate drops in next pushing them out. Lost a few in me so I ride the 3 Dick toy to get them out licking it off the toy. Get fucked with the black 2 dick toy attached to the fuck machine for a bit. Eat several chocolates before my guy makes me gag on his cock for a straight 3 minutes making me cause a mess all over. He then puts the large ball in my ass fucking me DP DAP making me cum pushing it out making a mess. Fucks me in several other positions DP DAP with the rod tasting it ATM. Fills my ass up with piss fucking me as I push it all out making a chocolate piss shake even adding my own. Swallow it all! End with sucking my pussy and ass juices off the rod and him blowing his load in my mouth to swallow.