Sam Zee 3in1 Boat Piss Drinking Fruit Piss Smoothie & Hollow Plug Fun

Studio: SamCanRam
This is 3 videos of piss drinking fun on open water as I first open my mouth wide open and drink straight from my man. He then blows a huge load on my face as I wipe it off and swallow it. Part 2 is me making a fruit smoothie
with me putting as many blueberries & Strawberries in my ass then my guy adds some piss as well. I push it all out into a blender adding my own piss as well. Blend it all up and drink some. Was missing something so my guy added his cum to it along with more piss and I drink it all. Part 3 is me putting a large hollow plug in my ass as my guy fills me up with piss. The overflow goes into a glass. He then cums in the plug as I then push it all out into the glass adding my own piss as well. I swallow some and pour the rest over my tits.