Sam Zee 8in1 Real Anchor In Ass Fruit & Veggies Piss Cocktail Drink Squirt Cream Boat Fun

Studio: SamCanRam
Some of my older content over this past summer but the better stuff that I did with me first riding a real anchor in my ass. Limes x3 in my ass squirting and gaping with 2 big lemons doing the same thing. Was time to eat
so why not put 7 hotdogs in my ass to marinate them before grilling. Cooled off with some whip cream in my ass after that. Cucumber play with even more squirt and a nice gape:) Had an Oar on the boat but don't have much use for it so...Why not put it up my ass along with my guy for double anal fun. Picked up some small tomato's before coming out and got quite a few in my ass. But they ended up squashing in my ass making a red mess. Squirting and tomato juice taste good :) Then it was time for a club soda vodka mix drink. With limes, soda, vodka, my piss, and my guys to top it off for a refreshing drink to end a hot summer day :)